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Admin / Jun 07, 2014
DC klubben is an international guild on the realm of Shattered Hand.

Some of the guilds founders are former members from the guilds:
KonKi - Bronze Dragonflight EU
WGEU - Emeriss EU
Lorekeepers - Darksorrow EU
Gelu Angelus - Emeriss EU
Quantum Of Rage(Raging Alcoholics) - Emeriss EU
GHEZ - Emeriss EU

Our raiders are experienced with 14/14 10-man heroic mode.
And 13/14 or 14/14 25-man heroic mode.

Classes we're looking for:

At this time we're looking for everything to start clearing heroic 10man content and eventually moving on to the 25-man(and later on 20-man) scene.

In our raids can you expect this:

  • A very productive, but fun environment. Progress as a guild is always first, but having fun at the same time is a strong second place.
  • A fair attitude among the loot, etc. We always have very good reasons for our decision, and we are more then happy to discuss them, if there arises a problem.
  • We always listen to our members if they have questions about anything. As long as you make your voice heard at the right appropriate time we will do our best to help.
This will we expect from you:

  • Check all the available tacts thast are about the encounter(s), such as reviewing the fight(s) in different ways, movies, text guides or whatever you like.
  • You must be willing to do what it takes to keep your character in the best possible "shape" of the encounter(s) at any time.

  • Being willing to listen to the raid leader and adapt to all sorts of tactics changes or specific instructions they provide.
  • List item one...
  • Being committed to the guilds progression through regular and PUNCTUAL attendance.

  • You are responsible for your own life, by which we mean that your raid attendance should not be disturbed by your family or someone else. Unless there is an emergency.
  • Having the ability to learn from their mistakes, we are all human and even the most skilled players can make a mistake sometimes. However, the big difference is that a skilled player can adapt and will most likely not make the same mistake again.

Our raid days/times are:

Wednesdays: 19.00-23.00
Thursdays: 19.00-23.00
Sundays: 19.00-23.00
Mondays: 19.00-23.00 (extra day)

During heroic progression we're raiding 3-4 times/week and 1-2 days/week during farm

Additional questions can be answered through any of the following people ingame:


Thanks for visiting our site and hope to see you in our raidteam soon!