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Atvida / Feb 16, 2015
DC Klubben is an international guild on the realm of Shattered Hand.

Highmaul - 7/7 Heroic & 5/7 Mythic.
Blackrock Foundry - 10/10 heroic & 5/10 Mythic.


What you can except in our raids:

- Productive raids in a fun environment.
- A fair attitude among all the loot
- Raiders that's ready to do the current content.
- No question is stupid. If you have a valid question, your voice will be heard.
- If you perform, you will get rewarded.

What we expect from you:

- That you have full knowledge of your class.
- Being able to follow instructions given by your raid-leader
- Able to attend to all raid times.
- Microphone is required, no one reads chat during combat.

What we're not interested in:

- People that are constantly late. You're wasting everyone's time.
- People that have anger management issues and can't take criticism.
- People that aren't learning from their mistakes.
- People that have the book "1001 Excuses and How to use them" right next to them while raiding.

Our raids:
Wednesday: 19.00-23.00
Thursday: 19.00-23.00
Sunday: 19.00-23.00

Invites will be starting approximately 18:40.

Should you have any other questions, feel free to whisper any member of the guild in-game.
Additional questions can be answered through any of the following people:

Míramax - Officer
Ðazèd - Officer

Thank you for considering DC Klubben and hope to see you soon!


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