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Welcome to DC Klubben

Atvida / Dec 14, 2014
Hello & welcome to DC Klubbens webpage, down below is a short description about the guild. More questions can be answered in-game.

DC Klubben is an international guild on the realm of Shattered Hand.
[Rebuilt the 12th June - 2014].
[14/14 SoO Heroic in 10 man, cleared first week of raiding].
[14/14 SoO mythic cleared second day of raiding, due to lagg at wednesday].
[Currently 1/7 Mythic in Highmaul]

DC Klubben is a guild that's formed of old school/hardcore raiders that has been participated either in world ranks with old top guilds or either guilds that's still active.
But since times changes many members in the guild doesn't have the that much time to offer anymore.
Therefore is DC Klubben a guild for people that wants to raids in a more relaxed environment but that still wants to claim progress during active content with an 3-4 days/week raiding schedule.
Since we're running with a very tight roster we demand that our raiders can keep nearly 100% attendence during progress.

What you can except in our raids:

- Productive raids in a fun environment.
- A fair attitude among all the loot
- Raiders that's ready to do the current content.
- All questions will be answered as long as you make your voice heard at the right appropriate time.
- Loot rules: If you perform, show up on raids, punctunal attendence you will get rewarded. [Loot council]

What we expect from you:

- Be able to attend during PTR testing if we want to test something out.
- That you have a fully knowledge of your class.
- Being willing to listen to the raid leader and follow his instructions.
- Being committed to the guilds progression through regular and punctunal attendance.
- Able to attend to all raid times.
- Microphone is a demand, since you'll have to speak for yourself at Teamspeak.

During mythic progression will the raiding schedule be 3-4 times/week and 1-3 days/week during farm.

Our raid days/times:
Mondays: 19.00-23.00 [Extra day].
Wednesdays: 19.00-23.00
Thursdays: 19.00-23.00
Sundays: 19.00-23.00

[Invites starts 18.40].

If you're intressed, register an account and make an application. Additional questions can be answered through any of the following people ingame:

Atvida,Risodlarn,Górki or Ðazèd.


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