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Boosting Services

[Pinned] 14/14 Heroic or Garrosh Heroic.

Full 14/14 Heroic run - 80k.Individual bosses - 5k.Only Garrosh heroic - 8k.If you're interested in any of these boosting services whisper a officer ingame:AtvidaRisodlarnGórkiÐazèd
Small Atvida 4y
Atvida0367Small Atvida 4y
Boosting Services

[Pinned] 14/14 Mythic run.

Full mythic run with no "Mythic Warforged" - 390k.Full mythic run with mount 390k + 50k = 440k. [No Mythic Warforged].Individual bosses - 15k with no "Mythic Warforged".Only Garrosh mythic - 150k with no loot or mount. [With mount 200k.] [No Mythi...
Small Atvida 4y
Atvida0280Small Atvida 4y
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